Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Few Scenes From Today

Here are some pictures from yesterday in DC and today at the village. You can see the great hall where everyone eats in one of the last shots as well as our team shot and some transit shots. Tomorrow we open the containers and hope the boats are in good shape.

Neatest thing that happend today:
David said he wanted to meet Gary Hall Jr. while he was here. For those of you who don't recall, Gary Hall Jr. is one of the USA's best male swimmers and is a multiple Olympic medal winner. Well within 30 seconds of being in our building we got on the elevator and who stuck his arm in and got on with us but...Gary Hall Jr. We introduced ourselves. I think he lives 3 floors down. The sailors enjoy the top floor (10th Floor of the building.). That was the item of the day.


Jon said...

Bill - I just read about the A320 that crashed in Sao Paolo yesterday...and immediately though about you all. you all flew through there in Monday I guess. Just wanted to say Good luck and kick some Pan American butt! Say hello to Dave and Jody.
Jon Guth

Ryan said...

Bill, Good Luck in Brazil!
Hope you guys have fun and sail well.

Ryan & Jen Flack

T Born said...

Hi Guys! Good luck, T Bone