Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome to George Mason University...who was Geo. Mason?

It's been over 25 years since I've been in a college dorm room--and they haven't changed much. I was lucky, my pot luck roomate is Augie Diaz who is probably the only guy on the US team sailing at these games who is actually older than I. So far, we've been acting like complete undergraduates...that's to say we've been sitting in complete silence banging out email. Neither of us has been on Facebook.dom yet but there's something in the air in this building so I imagine that by breakfast tomorrow we'll have both pulled allnighters and have styling pages up and running.

George Mason University is about 30 minutes by USOC van from Dulles airport. It's a beautiful campus with 6 new dorms under construction just outside our window. Great athletic facilities too and unlimited food for our squad. So far, everything has been running beautifully. The Pan An organizing folks were right there at United baggage claim number 3 and pointed the way to the van waiting just where they said it should be. On the bus were about 15 members of the women's synchronized swimming team. No they did not have their nose clips on while on the bus. They were all about 22--and looked like swimmers. Thankfully there were also some sailors on the bus to keep our minds on the job at hand...actually, there is no job at hand just now. This is the beginning of the hurry up and wait stage.

Our coaches are here as is team logistics Goddess Sarah Hawkins who has been amazing through everything leading up to now. Time to go find something to eat. Then I'm sure there will be several hours of strength training before bed.

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